Cannot find root item with ID “#Group#”


We have a list set up and initially the org chart works. We have a root employee set, and all looks ok, but if we then select to change the layout, this it the error we get.

Any ideas on this?

Hello Lorna! As I understand, you use Org Chart for SharePoint 2013/2016. Please ensure that you have the latest version. If not, download the installation wizard and run it - you will have the update option on one of the steps. Clear the browser and chart cache and check whether the issue persists. If it does, I will need the screenshots of each tab in the configuration wizard, if some code is not fully visible, attach it as a text file(s). Also, share the screenshot of the root item in the list with the mapped fields visible. If it contains any confidential information, you can reproduce the issue on another list with dummy data. Also, open the Org Chart page, then - the developer tools (F12), switch to the "Network" tab and press Ctr+R. Then reproduce the issue and save a HAR file (in Chrome, it is a button with an arrow down). Switch to the "Console" tab and save the logs. Share the collected data through a private message here, in the community, or raise a support ticket by sending a message to [email protected] with the reference to this topic.