Cannot login to configure accounts


I just installed the demo version of Workflow Actions Pack but cannot get past the step where I log in to configure accounts.
I use my SharePoint admin account but get this error:

Can’t connect to site: The sign-in name or password does not match one in the Microsoft account system.

I know for sure that the credentials are correct and have verified so. What are the requirements for installation account?
I´m not Azure AD admin.

I forgot to mention that I verified that LegacyAuthProtocolsEnabled is enabled as suggested in this post:


Solved! It turns out MS feature MFA is to blame. I had to disable it during setup for everthing to work.

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Thank you for sharing your solution. You also can use non-federated account to run your workflows like [email protected].

The issues is related to MFA configuration. Sometimes it is configured in a way that breaks signing in programmatically.