Cannot publish Workflow - Cannot create unknown type '{clr-namespace:Plumsail.ActionsPack} DeleteAllPermissionsFromItem


I can not publish Workflow which contains Plumsail Workflow Actions.
I have tried to reactivate feature (it worked with PowerShell), and

Workflow Error says:
"Microsoft.Workflow.Client.ActivityValidationException: Workflow XAML failed validation due to the following errors:
Cannot create unknown type '{clr-namespace:Plumsail.ActionsPack}DeleteAllPermissionsFromItem'. HTTP headers received from the server - ActivityId: 9a455cdd-1985-437f-af1e-ec0d7b442a70. NodeId: SomeServerName. Scope: /SharePoint/default/2acc9c9b-5065-430b-942b-423fe7663534/6e2db9b5-4e1c-40a3-ae88-7acba019e0c8. Client ActivityId : 9cee0ea0-93c0-7024-e723-56e4e2739545. ---> System.Net.WebEx"
I have also verified license on this Site Collection and site itself:
"License information: License type - Full
Product version: 2021.06.2"
SP Designer cleared and refreshed.
Normal Workflows are working fine.

Any ideas?

Additional info - it happened after migration from DEV to PROD server.

I have found something interesting. I missed it.
In the error the NodeId is:

which is obviously wrong. It should be prod server.

Where and what shall I do to have it properly set?

Hello! I would ask you to repeat the performed steps in the order below and inform me about the result (ensure that you run all commands on the proper server):

  1. Disable the WAP feature (do not miss the "force" flag):
    Disable-SPFeature -identity 22bb2cee-2403-4b7c-818e-9078b11a218b -URL https://somesite -force
  2. Enable it:
    Enable-SPFeature -identity 22bb2cee-2403-4b7c-818e-9078b11a218b -URL https://somesite -force
  3. Clear the SharePoint Designer cache (the instruction).
  4. Disable the feature again:
    Disable-SPFeature -identity 22bb2cee-2403-4b7c-818e-9078b11a218b -URL https://somesite -force
  5. In SharePoint Designer, open "All Files" > "Workflows" and delete all folders with the "WFPack_" prefix.
  6. Then, enable the feature again:
    Enable-SPFeature -identity 22bb2cee-2403-4b7c-818e-9078b11a218b -URL https://somesite -force
  7. Clear the SharePoint Designer cache again.
  8. Create a new workflow with a Plumsail action and try to publish it.