Cascade filtering not working for one selection


Cascade filter for our forms are working for all the selection from the dropdown except for selecting one entry from the dropdown list. i.e. if you have "A", "B", "C" and "D" in the dropdown list. It works fine for "A", "B" and "D" but when you select "C" the data for the child dropdown will show the results on the previous selection. I have tried it with code and with configuration filter but its still the same. It could be that there is something wrong with the data. any ideas?

Hello @Rinu,

Are you using lookup fields or lookup control? How is the filtering set up? Please share the screenshot of the Filter section from the field/control properties.

Please check the browser console for the errors when selecting the 'C' option and share the screenshot.

Hello Mnikitina,

I have tried both options via code as well as the control. Please see below for the


Part of the disabled code (used before)
// JavaScript source code
fd.spRendered(function () {

    fd.field('ProjectNumber').ready().then(function () {
        function filterLookup(v) {
            // getting the selected Division (0 if nothing is selected).
            var categoryId = 0;
            if (v) {
                categoryId = isNaN(v) ? v.LookupId : v;

            if (categoryId) {
                // setting filtration allow Global Marketing "-PRDE" to appear when Design is selected
                if (fd.field('Division').value.LookupValue == 'Design') {
                    fd.field('ProjectNumber').filter = 'Division/Id eq ' + categoryId + ' or Division/Id eq 38'; //Global Marketing ID = 38
                } else {
                    fd.field('ProjectNumber').filter = 'Division/Id eq ' + categoryId;
            } else {
                // resetting the filtration
                fd.field('ProjectNumber').filter = null;


      //filter Projects when form opens
        fd.field('Division').ready().then(function (field) {

        //filter Projects when Division changes
        fd.field('Division').$on('change', function (value) {
            fd.field('ProjectNumber').value = null;

in both instance it is working fine for all the selection made except when you select one. I think it could be because of data. But couldn't figure out what.

There are no errors while selection on browsing console.

Hello @Rinu,

Is the data source of a lookup field is a list created from scratch or imported from a template?

You can set up filtering using the code and try debugging it. You can find the instructions in this post: