Cascading Drop Downs in Plumsail form & SharePoint Library

I have a list, Categories, another list Subcategories, looking up to the Categories list, and then I have a SharePoint library with two look up columns one for each list above (Subcategory, Category). I am trying to follow these plumsail directions, but it is not working... any help would be greatly appreciated.

Essentially the end user will upload a file and then edit the properties, once they select category, I want the subcategory list to only show the 'filtered' items. The important part is on field change.

Directions: Configure cascading lookup fields on a SharePoint form with JavaScript — SharePoint forms)

Here is my JS code:
function filterSubcategories(category) {
var categoryId = category && category.LookupId || category || null;
fd.field('Subcategory').filter = 'Category/Id eq ' + categoryId;

fd.spRendered(function() {
fd.field('Subcategory').ready(function() {
//filter Subcategories when Category changes
fd.field('Category').$on('change', function(value){
fd.field('Subcategory').value = null;

    //filter Subcategories when form opens
    fd.field('Category').ready(function(field) {


Here are my lists for reference (it should only show the top two when External Training Resources is selected).

Thank you!

Dear @Cariann,
You can configure this sort of filtering without any code, just follow the video guide here - Filter Lookup by another field: Lookup, Person, Choice — SharePoint forms

It also has text instructions on what you need to do. Should be easy, let us know if something doesn't work.

I did try this way too and it is not working either. I am trying to do this in a SharePoint Library. I must be doing something wrong.

I tried doing depends on Category/Title and Category/ID and neither will filter when in the edit properties screen.

I have watched the video several times and read the instructions and no matter which way I try it is not filtering.

Set Up:
List 1: Categories = Title
List 2: Subcategories = Title, and Lookup column to category
Library: Two Lookup columns, category and subcategory. Both of these fields are on the edit form.

I tried to use the actual lookup field on the form but it will not display on my form...

Does this only work with lists? If it works in library, I must either be setting up my library fields or the form fields wrong?

Dear @Cariann,
Looks correct to me, if both Category fields are pointing to the same list. Did you delete the code in the JavaScript editor? It might be causing issues with Depends On and Match to filters.

Also, what's the version of package you have in your app catalog?

How do I check what version I have? I believe we have locally on our desktops. I started over on my test site since I may have deleted some JS script in the original set up.

I am using a list this time to figure out how to get this to work before I try it in a library.

Main List: EAC Test List
Category Lookup Field: Categories List
Subcategory Lookup Field: Subcategories List, includes a Category Look up to Categories

I am using the SharePoint Lookup Fields in the form, not the Lookup control.

I have the subcategory Sharepoint lookup field depends on category ID and category ID.

This is still not filtering my values. What am I missing? Pics attached. I did not change anything with the JS Code this time. I see Plumsail Forms 2.0.6 in the upper left hand corner.

Thank you so much for taking the time to help. I am not sure why I cannot get this to work.

Dear @Cariann,
SharePoint Lookup fields work just the same as lookup controls, please, check the app package in app catalog, here's an instruction - Update the app package for Plumsail Forms (SharePoint Online) — SharePoint forms

It should look like this:

If you have the latest version, it should work like in instruction - Filter Lookup by another field: Lookup, Person, Choice — SharePoint forms

If it doesn't, you can also check browser's console for errors and send us a screenshot.

Hi Nikita,

We are not on the latest version. My co-worker did some research and thought that for us to upgrade our version we would have to republish all forms in our environment? Is that correct? We have a lot of forms and not an easy way to republish them all. Thoughts?

Thank you so much for all your help.

Dear @Cariann,
It shouldn't require you to re-publish all forms as your version is not as old (only required for v1.0.4 and older), but you might still want to schedule some down time for an upgrade, though you might only need to update the app package and that's it.

In any case, the update will only apply to re-saved forms.

@Nikita_Kurguzov - Thank you! We will try this, and I will let you know.