Cascading Lookups (Filtering)


I managed to get this working.

But now my question is how can I add another level of cascading?

I am able to select Product then Category filters based on product selection, is there a way to add Parameter so it can filter based on Category?

And how many Levels I can go down?

Thank you!

Hello @Vasilii_Burca,

For the next level of cascading lookup, you need to follow the same instructions from the article for Category and Parameter lookup fields.

The levels are limited only by Lookup Threshold for your tenant.

Thank you @mnikitina !!!

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Can someone provide some screenshots with code example please to get the extra fields after the 2nd level cascading menu dropdown is selected?

Would appreciate that - thanks!

Hi @stormanh,

You have everyting here.

And after you managed to do it the 1st time you do it the 2nd with the exact same code, the only difference is that you change the Category field name with your 3rd dropdown field name and the Product will be your 2nd field name.

Hope that helps.

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