Change Attachment Button Caption

i used to change the sharepoint attachment button caption “Select files…” this script :

$(’.k-upload-button’).text(“New text”)

the script worked as for changing the caption name, but the problem is if the user press the button nothing is happening the attachment event not starting unless i canceled the script

Are there any solution for this?
I am designing and developing a SharePoint site in Arabic, i need to change the caption in order to make the form completely in Arabic language.
Thank you.

Dear @gkhadra,
Are you talking about SharePoint forms? If the site is in Arabic, then the forms and Attachments field should also use the same language.

Dear @Nikita_Kurguzov

Yes i am taking about sharepoint forms.
Sure working on plmusail form designer.

I changed the fields caption to arabic in the source list and it is working when i work on plumsail forms designer.

The site even it is in arabic interface and Right to left layout is applied and working just fine.

But this is not working for attachment button even the forms main buttons like: save, close, edit etc…
I am using script to change it and it works for me as i mentioned in a previous topics when i asked for help.

For the attachment button i do not have a solution yet, i used the code mentioned above but still have a problem when i click the button.

Mention that the code is delivered by AlexZver in my previous topic.

Dear @gkhadra,
Can you, please, show me a screenshot of the form on your site?

Also, is the site itself in Arabic or is it in English?

Dear @Nikita_Kurguzov

Find attached 3 screenshots for a sharepoint completed form.
Each screenshots contains small details what i did to change the buttons to Arabic.
You can check that the attachment button still in English "Select files..."
and as i mentioned above if i change the caption name the button is not working.

The 4th screenshot is to proof that the site language settings is in Arabic as default language


Dear @gkhadra,
Okay, I see, please, try the following code:

    $(".k-upload-button span").text("Выберите файлы...");

Dear @Nikita_Kurguzov
Thank you so much for the help it works.:smile: