Change default "Save As" Status after newest Update

is it possible to change the default "Save as" Status from "Pending" into "In Progress"?

For us in most cases the first answer from our side does not imply an answer from the customer. So after the latest Update they aways have to go into the dropdown. It would be easier and faster if I can change the default to "Save as In progress".

Unfortunately, that is not supported for now. But we added it to our backlog and maybe implement it in future.

Okay, then it's because of the new interface.
I hope that in the next update it's possible to change, I am surprised that this hasn't been requested by other users.

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I would also prefer to have it default to "Save as In progress" instead of "Save as Pending".

Or to have the option to select which status is the default.

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The requested feature is available in the latest HelpDesk version (2.1.25). You can set as default either a current status or a specific one. In the latter case, you need to specify the internal name of the status in lower case with spaces if there are any. To set the default status, edit the ticket form and set a ‘default-status’ attribute of a ‘save-as’ element.

<save-as default-status="current"/>


<save-as default-status="in progress"/>

is ist possible to create a button which saves the comment and all of the changes in the form made and also closes the form?

I don't want to click the save button and then another to close the form.


Hello Daniel! You can add the code below and it will close the form after saving the form with any button: Save and... or Save. Will it work for you? Please note that when customising the form, you need to use Plumsail Forms 3.

fd.spSaved(function(result) {

Hello @Evgeniy
i am using Plumsail Forms 3.

Unfortunately your approch only works with the preconfigured HTML-Button
<save-as default-status="in progress"/>
It saves the comment and closes the form.

But when clicking on my created Submit-Button with the code return; it will save and close the form but without saving the comment. Same with the preconfigured HTML-Button <save-fields-button/>.

Any thoughts?

Hello Daniel! It is by design that saving works only with the default buttons, i.e. with <save-as/> and <save-fields-button/>. Why do you need to use a custom button for that?

Hello @Evgeniy ,
because i do not want to confuse the employees with unneccesary statuses within the save button.
I just want a clean save button who is also saving the comments and closes the form.

This is not possible i guess? Maybe an improvement for further development?

You can use custom CSS style to hide the drop-down button.
If required, set up a default status with an accordant property.

.pl-dropdown-button-caret {
    display: none !important;