Change Edit and Delete Button Caption for child sub lists

Hello again
Kindly how to change the caption for the buttons below:

  • Edit
  • Delete
    in the child sub list form.
    I need to change it for ARABIC text instead.
    Thank you

Hello Georges!

Thank you for contacting us!

Could you please provide a screenshot, so I could be sure we are talking about the same buttons.

Hello @mnikitina,
Thank you for your support
find below the attached screenshot where you find the button where i need to change the captions.
mention that i am using this script to change the New Button caption:

$(fd.control("SPPersonRecordsDT").$el).find("button.btn-primary").text("سجل وجنسيّة جديدة");

Hello @gkhadra!

Please use the code below. Just replace SPDataTable0 with the control’s Internal Name and paste the desired text.

var allButtons = fd.control('SPDataTable0').buttons;
fd.control('SPDataTable0').buttons[1].text = "TextInEdit";
fd.control('SPDataTable0').buttons[2].text = "TextInDelete";

HI @mnikitina thank you a lot you made my day

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