Change Inline Edit Button Function


I was wondering is there code that would allow me to change the function of the Inline Edit Button.

Rather than editing that selected item inline, clicking the pencil would open that item in a new window in edit form.


Hello @David_Conroy,

The easiest would be to hide this column and to change the title link to open the edit form in a new window.

    fd.control('SPDataTable1').templates = {
        // Open Predecessors lookup in a dialog
        Title: function(ctx) {
            var value = ctx.row.Title;
            if (!value) {
                return '';
           //replace "" with path to your form
            return '<a target="_blank" data-interception="off" ' +
                'href="' + ctx.row.ID + '">' + value + '</a>';

Add this CSS to the form to hide the edit column:

 .fd-sp-datatable-wrapper table tr th:nth-of-type(2),
 .fd-sp-datatable-wrapper table tr td:nth-of-type(2) {
    display: none !important;

Hi @mnikitina

Thanks for the reply. After adding the code im still getting no hyperlink on the title. Would you have a look please

Below is the code and screenshots of the browser console.

Hello @David_Conroy,

There is an error in your code:

Please check the code you are using or share the complete code as a plain text, not a screenshot.