Change layout for specific group of fields

Hello, it is possible to change the layout to left to right for a group of fields in a org chart with the layout top to bottom with grouping of leaf boxes.
Right now I have this:

And I want to have this look:

It is possible?

Check the reply for Org Chart 4 below.

Hi @Cristina,

Unfortunately, it is not possible at the moment. However, our paid support can add this feature for you. Please drop a message to [email protected] with the link to this message if you are interested.

The fourth version of Org Chart allows to change the orientation for all levels in the Top to bottom compact layout. The only restriction is that the horizontal orientation can't be under the stacked, but the opposite is possible.


Hello, when was released this fourth version?
I am trying to use this feature but I don't have the option for all levels:

Hello Cristina! The fourth version was released in November last year. To install it, please download the latest package on our site and upload it to your app catalogue. Do not delete the old package: the new one will be installed along with the old version because it contains breaking changes. After that you will be able to use both versions, for the fourth one you will have to add a new web part and configure it from scratch. Check the product documentation to see what changes there are.