Change status when ticket is reopened by email

I need help with creating a trigger or something to change a ticket status automatically when a ticket is reopened via replying to the ticket closed email.

When a ticket is set to the “Solved” status, the requester will receive an email saying “Your request # has been resolved. You can reopen it by replying to this message.”

When the requester replies to that email to reopen it, the agent assigned to a ticket will receive an email with the new comment, but the ticket remains in the “Solved” status.

I need for the ticket to change from “Solved” to “In progress” when this happens.
Can anyone help with the trigger I need to add or whatever I need to do to make this happen? Thanks!


Hi Aaron,
Thanks for your message.

You can do that by adding some triggers.

Here are the settings for the trigger that will send the message to the requester.

And here are the settings for the trigger that will reopen the ticket.

Best regards,
Andre Lima
Plumsail Team.

THanks for this suggestion, We have created the trigger as per your example, but it doesn't set the new status to 'In progress'. It leaves the Status field empty. See attached screenshot for example.

As the tickets statuses are taken from a look-up field, we were wondering whether a manual input for the trigger is allowed. Please Advise.

Hello @4kgpeter, thank you for your message.

Please use the following settings in the trigger and let us know if it still won't work:

Ok, it works. The error seems caused by the fact that I did set the Order field on 90, instead of 0.

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