Changing "Sign In" Message

Based on Plumsail's documentation here, I used the following code in an effort to change the text on the "Sign In" button to "Create Account / Sign In":

fd.created(function() {
fd.messages.PlumsailForm_Auth_SignIn = "Create Account / Sign in"

However, the above javascript does nothing and the button still says "Sign In". I'm using Azure AD B2C, but my understanding is the Sign In button is created by Plumsial. The issue is that users that do not have an account yet are often confused by a "Sign In" button. They think they do not have access to the form, since they don't have an account to sign in with.

Anyone have an idea why the above Javascript isn't changing the text on the Sign In button?

Hello @David_King1,

I'm sorry, there is no way to change this message using the code right now. We will remove this line of the code from documentation.

We can adjust the text above the button like this:
Sign In or Create a Microsoft account to start working with this form

Or we can make the message above the button customizable in the designer, but that would be a paid support.

Please let us know which option suits you.