Chrome not showing Helpdesk correct, IE does

Start page on Helpdesk (https://[servername]/helpdesk/Lists/Tickets/My.aspx) shows a banner of tiles - “My tickets”, “Requested by me”, My overdue", “Group tickets”, “Unassigned”, “Unread” and " … ".
This does not show in Chrome, but it does in Internet Explorer.
Tried different computers and have the exact same view…

Any ideas on this?


The issue may be related to a bug that was fixed in the last release from 17th of August. Could you please upgrade you HelpDesk and check if the problem persists? You can download new installer from here, then run the wizard and upgrade each of the instances on Settings->About page. You may also need to clear browser cache after upgrade.

Just to let you know - after upgrade function in Chrome are restored.

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Hi @per.dahlstrom,

Thank you for the update. I’m glad it is working now!