Client is reporting loss of added files once added to library control

I thought the only way a user could do this would be where they've added the details and the files to the 'new' form but haven't saved the form to create the connection from the library items to the parent form.

My client has found several files that have been orphaned (ie there is no value in the 'parent' lookup field) - but those files were definitely added and in each instance the form was saved.

I've advised the client to monitor the issue however it's unfamiliar (potentially world organisation wide) users that are putting in the initial requests, so it's very hard to understand how they are filling out the forms or get any time with them to monitor the inputs.

Is it possible that the client is closing the form before the upload/binding tasks have completed?

If so is there something I can do to delay the closing of the form until all tasks in the background have completed. Appreciate there is no way to control the closing of the window or tab but possibly introduce an additional delay on the standard Save form option?

Latest, I can see some of these child items were linked to a form as they have a populated lookup field, however when the documents have been edited, in some cases the lookup field is blanked out when the child item is saved. I can see this in the version history, the lookup field is suddenly blanked out.



Hello @abolam,

No, the form remains open until the download is complete.

What version of the designer and application package is the end client using? You can check the app package version in the page source:

Do they add documents via New or Edit form? Do they edit documents before the parent form is saved?
How do they upload a document: from user machine or create a document from template?
How do they edit documents? Is there a flow that triggers after document creation?

Hi, webpart and widget look like the correct versions, am a little concerned as I've just seen another auphaned item in another clients tenant.

Please can you check with your devs that nothing has caused the problem.... we have checked and republished the forms.

Kind regards, Andy


We can't reproduce the issue on our side and we are not aware of any issues with binding child items to parent.

Please share the exact steps that lead to the orphaned files/items and errors if any occur.

I think I found the issue. It would appear that if the lookup column is renamed using the modern interface (ie the displayname is changed in the list), the lookup connection drops and points to the Site Pages library. Consequently nothing changes in the form except the lookup connection disappears, so when documents are dropped or uploaded they end up orphaned.

I'm yet to see if this is a localised problem but have seen this in 2 clients tenants so far. Please can you see if you can replicate the issue.

Let me know if you can recreate as I plan to raise a ticket/github issue if this appears to be a platform wide issue

Kind regards

I can't reproduce the issue with my forms. Are you using the SharePoint lookup column or Lookup control?
What versions of the designer and the app package are installed on the client's tenants?

Were you able to reproduce the issue on your tenant?
Can you record a short video of you reproducing the issue on your or client's tenant?