Color differentiation between teams and units

Dear all,

Can we make any differences in the colors or do they all have to be the same?
In some cases, it would be important to differentiate between team leaders and heads of units.
For example to define the Head of Units an add a color for them and to have a different color for a Team Leader.
P.S.: Most of the times the Team Leader has a Head of Unit as Manager.

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Hi @kchristodoulakis ,
Surely you can change the colors!
to do this, you only need to have to apply any CSS rule you want to the corresponding box. The only tricky thing here is to set up a rule to catch the Heads and Team Leaders you want. If there are not too many of those, you might achieve this simply by the "PreferredName" field. If there are tens or hundreds, you need to filter those by "Title" or any other field that they might have in common. Alternatively, you can add a new user property to you SharePoint to specify the Unit Heads and Team Leaders.
After this, you can simply use the following code in the Custom JavaScript tab:

renderer.onBoxRendered(function(event, box, itemData){ if (itemData["Title"].contains("head") { box.$elem.css({'background': 'blue'});

This will change the background color for all the boxed with "head" in the "Title" field to blue. Alternatively, you can also use the addClass() method for $elem and add any class to the boxes you need to visually set aside, then you can add any CSS properties for this class (like border-color, font-size, etc.) on the Custom CSS tab in the Configuration Wizard.