Comment added to wrong ticket in another Help Desk instance

We have 3 instances of Help Desk installed on our Intranet for 3 different teams.

We've noticed a couple times in the past few weeks that a comment from one agent in one help desk system has some how written into a ticket in a different help desk instance, and as a different person. It usually says the comment was created by the agent assigned to the ticket.

The ticket IDs don't match either, and they were all posted via the agent form. The ticket she was commenting on in her system was #1290. But it ended up writing in a completely different comment list for tickets #6467 and #6484. This also happened a few months ago, but I don't have the specific details of those at the moment.

Do you know how this can happen?


Hello @davide,

Have you edited the ticket forms on any of these instances? Such problems are difficult to diagnose right away, so please raise a ticket by sending a message to [email protected], refer to this topic and specify the URLs of the HelpDesk instances in question.