Configuring insertImage tool from Kendo editor to upload images from file system


i have a common field note in my SharePoint form.
The default behaviour of the insertImge tool is


I want to configure the insertImage tool from Kendo editor to enable file upload from file system like enabled in the SharePoint multiple line of text field which places the uploaded images in site pages library.


Does anyone have a code example for me?

Thank you very much in advance

Dear @ClausGolling,
What field exactly are you working with? What's a common field note? Do you mean the Common field from Plumsail? It does support upload of images in Rich mode, but the files are uploaded to our servers, not to SharePoint, and they're cleared monthly.

We recommend using SharePoint fields, such as Multiple lines of text field, to upload images to SP.

Hi Nikita,
yes, i mean a common field from Plumsail, like described here: Note field — SharePoint forms

I build a html with the editor and save it to SharePoint multiline plain text field by
fd.field('SPMultilinePlain').value = fd.field('CommonFieldNote').value; in fd.spBeforeSave.

In the note field the default InsertImage tool image opens up my screen no1 and not any file upload screen. I like to have a function code, that do upload the image to a SharePoint library and imports only the url to this image. In the default SP multiline rich text field this is the default functionality.

Kind Regards

Dear @ClausGolling,
As I've said, it's possible to upload images to Common field, but they will be uploaded to your Plumsail Account, not to SharePoint. That means that they'll be deleted in 30 days.

For SharePoint functionality, use SharePoint fields.