Conformation pop-up to confirm change in List/Library

Hi Community,

I have an idea to add a confirmation pop-up that asks the user to confirm if they are happy to make the change to the list.

Can something be built to incorporate this feature into the form? I think this feature will be really useful for SharePoint Lists that are connected to "Live" PowerBi reports. This way, it makes the users more "aware" of the changes they are going to make.

Many thanks!

Dear @DryChips,
Thank you for the feedback, unfortunately, I'm not sure what you mean by "changes to the list"? What changes do you mean - like adding or removing columns? When exactly should the message appear?

Sure, I will elaborate.

So we will be building a Plumsail form for HR who will have be able to grant permissions to users to access PowerBi reports. The form will collect email addresses and user principle names which will feed through to a PowerBi report and this report will grant them access to the many reports hosted on there.

My Team has built a DAX expression which we have tested and it works as expected!

I will add the awesome List/Library Control feature to the form and give access to HR administrators to make changes to the SharePoint list so that they can "Add/Remove" people's permission/right/access however you want to refer to it as.

They could either delete an existing record, change someone's level of access, change an email address/add email address. Etc...

With that in mind, I think it would be good to have some pop-up to occur to confirm that they are happy for the changes to be applies to the SharePoint list before it saves and refreshes the SharePoint list.

I think this small feature might be useful for some scenarios, especially if critical information was added/removed from a SharePoint list. This can really "ALERT" the administrator of how significant the change they are making.

Dear @DryChips,
And are you using List or Library with Inline editing mode or with Dialog mode? This should be simple to realize in Dialog mode, as users will only be able to edit one record at a time, and you can add the alert message to the Edit form of the related list, but Inline editing saves changes instantly for better user experience.