Connecting to Delve for picture and profile


We installed Org Chart On Premise for SharePoint 2019 version.
But we have 2 issues :

  • the picture is not showed
  • the "view profile" link is on our SharePoint Online tenant.

Is there a solution to show the picture which is on Delve? Do we have to install Plumsail for Office 365 or is it possible without it?
How to change the link (I didn't see in fields the ID for Delve/ Azure AD) to get the right profile?

Thank you

Hi @ecoria,
Straight to your questions:

  1. The Org Chart is showing the pictures from the SP User profiles. To ensure that your pictures will be shown, please sync your SP users with AD. Please see this article explaining how the Org Chart gets its data.

  2. What the "View profile" link is actually doing is rendering a "PersonalURL" property field of the User profile You can change it in the "Tooltip template" tab to any other property to get a different link: