Convert JSON to xml

Good day!
I have a datatable,which saves in a field multiple line. The outpu is convert this multiplelibe string to xml?

The final result i need data from datable in email,like a table that is showing in modern view. I have some action in workflow, like transform xml, that could help , i think.

If i send json in email, it returns as a text.

Dear @ixxxl,
It should be possible with Power Automate to do, but it would require several steps to convert. Something similar is described here - Converting JSON to XML and XML to JSON in a Flow | Power Automate | D365 Demystified

Or here - Solved: convert json output into xml - Power Platform Community

Thank you . i have no power automate in my on-prem SP2019.

Dear @ixxxl,
Then you can try something like this -