Converting .xls attachments from outlook email to .xlsx and saving to sharepoint

I receive automated financial reports on a daily basis. They are sent to my Outlook inbox as .xls spreadsheets which cannot be used in Power BI the way I have it setup. So I decided to run a flow to convert the .xls into a .xlsx via plumsail documents.

The program that is sending me these automated reports also includes a "report.html" file in the attachments that is causing some trouble in my flow.

image SKCData_2-1637182546668

I have a condition set so that if the attachment does not contain "report" then it will go through plumsail documents and be converted to a .xlsx and then stored in my sharepoint folder.

The .xls files are successfully being converted and saved in my sharepoint folder, but the issue comes with the "report.html" attachment. It completely negates the condition and tries to run through plumsail documents .xls to .xlsx anyway causing my report to come back as "failed"

Any idea how to work around this?

Hello @DSwezey,

The could be 2 issues

  1. The attachments do contain "report" and then the condition is right. To fix this, you need to review the attachments and change the condition. Check if there are other files with "report" inside.

  2. The attachments don't have "report". Then it could be a bug in the yes/no condition action. In that case, it's better to consult with power automate support.

Best regards,
Plumsail team