Copy Attachment Error When Trying to Republish New Actions

This workflow of mine is copying attachments from a list item into a library, and it has published and works perfectly. However, now when I try to add/replace actions else where in the workflow that are completely unrelated to Copy Attachments, I receive an error for every action that is trying to copy a document. I never touched these actions when republishing. I’ve tried completely recreating the copy attachment actions, as well as, cutting and pasting the actions, it still wouldn’t publish. Then I thought it could be a workflow file size limit, so I’ve tried deleting a couple of stages and unused variables. Nothing.
I’d greatly appreciate any help that I can receive to resolve this issue.
Thank you!

Hello @tbourgeois41, thank you for your message.

Could you please send a screenshot of this error?
Did you mean that the workflows are failing or you can’t publish them at all? If you can’t publish, please tell what does exactly happend when you are clicking Publish button in SP Designer?

I cant publish at all. I delete another stage with actions and then when I go to publish I receive an error for all Copy attachments actions. It's extremely random because it worked before.

I was able to publish by keeping the stage and deleting all of the actions within this stage. But now when I try to delete this empty stage it continues to give me errors for Copying attachments (which are in another stage).

Hello @tbourgeois41,

Well, as I can see, you can’t publish the workflow because you have errors in your actions, in Copy attachments actions. Maybe you’ve moved the item or it doesn’t have attachments anymore, or ids have changed, please try to open properties and check whether all the data is valid.

Also, you could try to clear cache in SharePoint Designer. Please review this article to find out how to do that.