Copy Attachment to Doc Library including data points


I'm trying to copy/move a list item attachment to a document library.

The "Copy attachments from" action works great.
But I can't figure out how I can include additional data to update fields in the destination document library.

Is there a better way of doing this or is there a way to get the document ID?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hello @jaitsujin,

Please check out this example.

How to copy list item with attachments across site collections

Best regrds,
Plumsail team

Hi, thanks for the response.

This is a little different though, since I needed to copy list attachments to a document library.

I got it to work using the following.

this is a 2 step process where I copy the attachments first and than updated matching by file name.

Note, in the destination library I have another small workflow that will rename the file after it has been updated. to avoid duplicate files.

I think this works but please advise if there is a better way of doing this.

Thank you much!