Copy Current List Item to List: Lookup Fields


I just created a simple workflow to copy the current list item to a list in another site. That works great, except for one challenge. The original list has a lookup field, and when that field is copied into the final list, it results in nonsense data.

Original List:

as you can see it is simply a string value that was created off of a lookup column (which that column is the hyperlink you would expect)

Destination List, the value of this field is:
(would have put another screenshot to show the difference if i could, but unable to…)

Unfortunately, this field is a key field in the destination list so i can’t just omit the field, it’s critical to the data strategy and architecture that’s being set up. Any ideas or help would be tremendously appreciated!

The problem was taken up in a separate ticket so I will post the results right after it will be resolved.

The problem was resolved in the ticket, so I’m writing a background information on it here.

You can copy the items between two lists, but to be able to copy the information in their fields properly you should have two lists with an identical structure in them. Meaning, if you have a lookup field in the source list, you will need to configure a field in the destination list the same as it is in the source, otherwise, the list item will be copied but the information in its fields will be missed.