Copy document from library failing with Exception: Unknown Error

In Office 365 I am using the workflow action Copy document from library, and it is failing with “Exception: Unknown Error”.

The file does get copied to the new library, but the action throws the error at some point in the process.

I have a variable set for retrieving the File ID of the newly copied file.

If I set ThrowError to “No” and then log the value of the File ID returned, the File ID is 0.

I have stripped down everything in the workflow to just this one action and even hard-coded the SourceURL and the DestinationURL to make it all as simple as possible, but I still get the error.

Thanks for your help.

Hi @pblbsyl
Thank you for the message.

Please contact us at [email protected] and send this additional information:

  1. Your domain in Office365
  2. The screenshot of your workflow
  3. The screenshot of “Copy Document from Library” action’s properties

Here is the additional information:

  1. Domain:
  2. and 3. Screen captures attached.

    Properties Capture