Copying file across sites = Exception: Object reference


I have two sites (top level sites in separate collections) - SharePoint Online. SiteA is the source site and SiteB is the target.

Within SiteA I have a document library with many items in it, there is a workflow attached to this library that allows users to copy documents over to a document library on SiteB.

Copying files from the root of the document library on SiteA to the document library on SiteB works perfectly. However if I try and send a file that is within a folder in the document library in SiteA to the SiteB I get the following error

Exception: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

For information I am using the “Copy Document From” workflow Action.

Source Address: … documents/[%Current Item:Name%].[%Current Item:File Type%]

Target Address: … documents/[%Current Item:Name%].[%Current Item:File Type%]

The document library on SiteB doesn’t have the same file structure as the library on SiteA i.e. there are no folders. I am assuming this might be the issue for the error?

Thanks in advance

Ok, sussed it.

I had to change the source URL to [%Current Item:Server Relative URL%]. From logging this out I can see that this produces the full URL of the document. I had noticed that when I use the Workflow context the URL is formed using DispForm.aspx rather than a URL to the file.

Once the source was changed the target was set to[%Current Item:Name%].[%Current Item:File Type%]

Once done the files would copy from sub-folders from the source library to the root of the target.


Hi Rob,

I've been trying to get this to work all day, but no luck.
Your post helped me a to better understand what URL I have to use, but for some reason it only deletes my files. Any idea?