Could I show the version history of an item in the form?

Hi there

In a SharePoint list, you can see the version history of an item (see screenshot).
Is there a way to add this in the form, so that the user could see who has done what when needed?
(I am using SharepointOnline Form)


Dear @LoviseH,

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to implement.

As a workaround, you can utilize the Comments field and add a discussion to a SharePoint form with the description of the changes:

sorry for the late reply @AlexZver
I have the discussion setup already, and it very usuful.
but it does not show me what other fields have been amended.

Dear @LoviseH,
We've just published an article, please, check it out -

It only shows basic examples, but they can be further customized to meet your requirements.


Hi Nikita
sorry for the late reply (I accidentally answered to the "noreply" notification which didn't get anywhere lol)

Thank you so much for your update.
This is really exciting! , I tried your code and it worked fine.
Do you think we can go a step further and show what changed was made, when, and by who (like the screenshot attached)?
I have no coding knowledge, so I won't be able to tweak your code to get this outcome myself.

Dear @LoviseH,
Sure, we'd be glad to help, but more advanced functionality is more complicated. Could you tell us which types of fields you'd like to check? Text, Lookup, People Pickers, Metadata, single or multichoice?

actually, I really would like to see all the changes on all the fields, the same way you can see them on the version history of the item on the sharepoint list

Dear @LoviseH,
The more types of fields you want to check - the harder it will be to implement. You see, the values are stored in different formats, and while it's possible to detect changes, to display them properly is much harder as you need to find a universal way to present it - no matter how it's stored.

We might be able to offer options here, but that would be paid support, definitely, as otherwise we simply don't have the resources to focus on the task right now. If you are interested, you can write us to [email protected], where we can research this question and give you an approximation of hours we'll need.

thanks for your answer Nikita
currently I can survive with the version history of the sharepoint list
I just think it would be a great feature to add to your product at some point
thank you for your time