Counting number of direct and indirect subordinates

Hi! Please excuse my English.
Is there any way to count and display in the box the count number of subordinates of every manager?
I learned how to add an span tag into the box and tried with elem.childNodes.lenght and other properties with no luck. Thanks in advance. Best, Homero.

Hello, @inharry

Do you mean counting of immediate subordinates or of their total number? In the last case, you can just check an option "Display number of solid line reports" in Org Chart Configuration Wizard.


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Hi! Thanks for your answer.
Yes, my customer wants two labels with both immediate direct and no-immediate indirect subordinates.
Eg: 2 direct subordinates and 69 indirect (children + grandchildren + grand grand...).
Any idea? Thanks again

Could you specify what data source you use?

The data source is a sharepoint list. The list is updated from oob user profiles daily (with a custom webjob) and UP synced with Active Directory. Almost 600 users and growing.
Why a list? We need custom fields and custom "users" we cannot insert into AD (regulatory issues).
My plan B is to add the columns and count the subordinates in the list, via the webjob, and display both fields in the chart. Thanks again.

Thank you for clarifying the case. I will need some time to figure out how to solve the task. I am sorry for making you waiting.