Create additional input fields on the fly

Hi there!

Is there anyway to create additional input fields on the fly with a button (unsure if there is a term for this)? For example a travel form, I have multiple details I want the user to be able to add within the one screen, but it is known how many fields they need.

Eg there could be car hire, flights, costs, etc.

Once the user has entered all the fields, they can then click the submit button.


Trying to do some digging and this is what I am looking for, so I am playing around with adding this to my Plumsail form.

Dear @long.aair,
Generating new fields is not a problem - the issue is updating form schema and making sure this information somehow is transferred. Are we talking about SharePoint forms or public web forms?

In either case, for multiple repeating inputs, we recommend adapting DataTable control, as it can serve many purposes. For example, Expense Reimbursement form template includes DataTable for all the expenses -

If you need more customization - let us know, but we need as much details as possible. Giving users freedom to create their own forms is a good idea, but handling their data might not be as easy as it seems. We'll need to know the exact requirements for the form in order to offer a more complex solution.

Thanks @Nikita_Kurguzov for responding, I thought this might be a tad more difficult with SharePoint. We are specifically talking about SharePoint forms.

The expense form is roughly what I'm looking for, I'll have a play with it and reply if I have further issues.


Dear @long.aair,
I see! Yes, creating extra fields in SharePoint is extra hard as they are tied to existing columns.

That's another reason why DataTable is a good solution here - it can either be stored in a hidden field, or you can save all of its data to a Plain Text Multiline column, and it will automatically look like a table in List View -