Create attachment to list item


I have a workflow creating a Word document from the contents of a list item. This works well.
However, I’d like the created Word document moved from the (temporary) doc library to the list item itself, as an attachment.
Using “Move folder from library” works well, but ONLY if another attachment already has been added - meaning, if the [List name]/Attachments/[List Item ID] folder exists prior to running the workflow.

I’ve also tried using the “Create folder by URL” and “Create folder in list” actions, but to no avail - same error message for both ("Exception: Cannot create folder “sites/[Site name]/Lists/[List name]/Attachments/[List item ID]”.

I’ve also tried running the steps as App steps. It seems there is nothing I can do to create the Attachments subfolder. I’ve tried running with Site Collection owner auth level, as well as site owner / full local access.

Please help out if possible!



Hello Patrik,

Thank you for the message, we are still researching the issue.
I will let you know about the update.

Anyone ever get this figured out? I’m trying to copy attachments from one list to another list (within the same site).

Hello Patrick and Clint,
Unfortunately it is not possible to copy only attachments.

But you can copy a whole list item and its attachment will be copied along with the item.
Please check … em-to-list for more information.

I don’t have COPY CURRENT LIST ITEM or COPY LIST ITEM for Plumsail actions. The workflow is attached a list and is Office 365.


Probably you need to update the solution. Please use the following instruction to do this.