Create document library at subsite

I have some document library(etc DL A,DL B) in Main site/ Subsite A.
For example, i selected to supersed a file (FILE A) in DL A in Main site, the FILE A will move to Subsite B/Archieve_DL A/FILE A.

other example,
select File B in DL B in Main site. the file b will move to Subsite B/Archieve_DL B/File b.

I able to do a “archieve_documentlibraryname”, but i do not know how to create the new document library at Subsite B. Some one please help. Thanks.

other information:
I using sharepoint designer 2013.

Hi vickytan,
Thank you for a message.

You may use the "Create List or Dictionary" action for creating a new document library and the "Move Document from Library" action to move your document into the new library.

Please, look at the example below:

Best regards
Evgeniy Kovalev
Plumsail Team