Create Library action by template - no contents

I have a workflow that is creating a document library from a template. The library is created but the folders (content) that I have in the template aren’t created when the library is created. I can Add an App using the same doc library template and the folders are created successfully. Am I missing a parameter in the workflow to create by template?

I have tried to reproduce the issue, but in my case it works correctly.
Firstly I created a custom list and added one list item. Next I saved the list as template and checked mark include content. After it I created a workflow which was contained only one workflow action “Create List or Library”.
When I started the workflow it created another list with one list item inside.

Could I ask you try to reproduce described steps. If the issue still exists we can schedule screen sharing session to resolve it.

I just ran into this same issue…I have a library template with two folders and content saved as part of it. When using the Create List or Library option with Plumsail, the library is created correctly but the content is not. Are there any updates on this?

Hello @Nelsonju,

Thank you, you have helped us to find the bug in our system.
We will fix within a week, I will let you know right after the fix will be released.

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