Create List Item in Different Site Collection

Is it possible to create list items in a different site collection? I am receiving the error message: “System.Activities.Statements.WorkflowTerminatedException: File Not Found.” when attempting to do this.

Hi Joe,
Thank you for your message.

Sure, you may use “Create List Item at Any Site” action for that. You need to create a dictionary, where you can specify fields for new list item. Then, please fill “ListUrl” (you may specify a list title or a full URL) and “SiteUrl” (URL of your target site collection) properties for “Create List Item at Any Site” action.

Please, look at the screenshot below:

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Evgeniy Kovalev
Plumsail Team

I am getting the same error. Workflow actions in SharePoint Online. Exception: File Not Found.

Create item in list. All fields filled out.