Create list item with people column in any site


in would like to copy contents of a multiple person field into another website, into a person field.

For this I create a dictionary and then use the command “create item in list x with variable y”.

What type does the dictionary element need?

But it does not work. The following error message:
Exception: Invalid data was used to update the list entry. The field that you want to update may be read-only.

What do I have to consider? How do I get an entry in a person’s column?

Thanks for your help.

Sorry for a delay.

You need to build the dictionary with the same structure as in your target list (keys in the dictionary should coincide with fields in your target list).
If you want to add the value for the field with “Person or Group” type, you need to use the ID of the person or the group which you want to add.

You may find the example below:

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Evgeniy Kovalev
Plumsail Team