Create Site - Exception: The operation has timed out

We suddenly started to get a timeout exception in a create site action on a site template that hasn’t been changed for a long time. It has been very unstable the previous two days. Right now it seems to work.

What is the timeout limit for the create site action? Are there any tricks or features to avoid this issue in the future?


Could you please write me a private message with your SharePoint domain name or email it to [email protected]?

Recently, we discovered that after some of SharePoint update there could be an additional delay in creating web operation.

Currently, we added some additional code to get around this.
Please make a test and let me know if the issue still exists.

This issue has re-appeared the previous week. Now the CreateSite action times out within approx 1 minute. If I create a site manually with the same template, it is provisioned within 20-30 seconds.

I sent you an email at [email protected] with information about the tenant. We are using version