Creating for trigger for notification

Hi Guys,

In our ticketing system, we have created statuses such as: Escalation Tech, Escalation Sales. when a new ticket is created, an agent can edit the ticket with any of the statuses. I want to ask if its possible to set up a trigger or SLA on any of the statuses such that when a ticket is changed to any of the statuses, it will create an email notifications if there's no update within 24hrs on that ticket, continue to create notification until the ticket is closed.



Hello, @Ndy

For actions that should be performed periodically, please use HelpDesk Scheduler.

  1. Create a task and set a period for recurrence of the action:

  2. Set a condition: if a ticket has one of the statuses and it was modified more than 24 hours ago.

  3. Then set an action to be executed.

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