Creating Task Forms

We’re moving away from Nintex and a big feature we use is the ability to customise the Task form in a workflow, so that users who are assigned tasks can capture certain information.

How can this be done with the Plumsail product?

Dear @SM_GT ,
Not sure that I am familiar with the process, can you describe this functionality to us and what you hope to achieve with it? Also, the Task Form - is it a form for the Tasks List, or something else? Not sure that we can offer form customization with a workflow, but we can try to find an alternative solution for you that will satisfy your needs.

Hi Nikita,

Within Nintex workflow tasks, you have the ability to edit the Task Form that users see. The ability to edit this form allows us to request input from certain users or heads of department during the solution process. If we were doing an on boarding solution, we could use the tasks to request HR to capture certain fields about the new employee, while IT can capture other fields like ‘laptop or desktop’.

In a sense, it is one list that essentially has multiple forms, but it’s using tasks to request input from HR/IT/etc at certain points in the workflow process

How could similar functionality be done with Plumsail? I see that we can use Form Sets, but how could we send the form to the person in HR/IT/etc ?

I hope that made things a little clearer :slight_smile: