Cross site look up not supporting sorting and filtering

Hello Team,

We have set up cross site look up successfully and look up column working as expected. However column does not support sorting and filtering

Please advise

Dear @pkp,
Hello, and welcome to the community! Unfortunately, that's way too general of a question for us to offer any advice - we have multiple products that have cross-site functionality, and different types of forms, etc.

Can you send us some screenshots of the lookup configuration, and also of the form that it appears on? Are you using Forms Designer or Plumsail Forms for forms customization?

Hello @Nikita_Kurguzov ,

My apologies for less descriptive query. We are using Plumsail SharePoint online forms designer
Look up configuration is as per documentation. When I click on cross site look, I can't see sorting and filtering option

Dear @pkp,
Still, screenshots would help. For example, in our latest product - Plumsail Forms, filtering is configured directly in the editor.

But for the classic Forms Designer, and Cross-site Lookup products, item filtering and sorting is available in Advanced settings of Cross-site lookup:

Hello @Nikita_Kurguzov ,

I am afraid, we have some network issues uploading screenshot. We are using Plumsail forms for SharePoint online

I have configured only Data Soruce and Save to property of cross site look up. In SharePoint view I can see only Column Settings and Totals and not sorting or filtering option

Please advise if I am missing something

Dear @pkp,
If you're using Plumsail Forms for SharePoint Online (and not Forms Designer for Office365!), then you don't even need Cross-site Lookup product, the Lookup control can do cross-site connections for you, check out this article with a video guide - Cross-site Lookup for SharePoint forms — SharePoint forms

For filtering, you can check out this article - Filter Lookup by another field: Lookup, Person, Choice — SharePoint forms This applies to both default SharePoint lookup fields and our custom Lookup control.

Finally, sorting is configured with JavaScript. Once you have filtering in place, we can sort :wink: this out!

But if you have any issues, we will need more information in order to help.

Hello @Nikita_Kurguzov ,

We are not using separate tool, we are using look up control inside Plumsail form

I do not want to filter my cross site look column (single line of text) based on other fields, I was wondering if I can manually sort it and filter like any other SharePoint columns

Dear @pkp,
What do you mean, like any other field? Can you give an example? There is search functionality in the Lookup control by default (which you can switch mode for between StartsWith and Contains, by changing Operator property in the editor) - which is quite unlike the default Microsoft's Lookup field.

Currently, the manual filtering and sorting is possible via JavaScript, similar to this example - Configure cascading lookup fields on a SharePoint form with JavaScript — SharePoint forms

The only difference for the Lookup control, is that you need to refer it as fd.control('Lookup').filter in code, but the rest applies. More info on Lookup control properties (including OrderBy property) here - Managing controls with JavaScript — SharePoint forms

This uses OData queries, you might want to check it out as well - Use OData query operations in SharePoint REST requests | Microsoft Docs

Hello @Nikita_Kurguzov ,

"If you're using Plumsail Forms for SharePoint Online (and not Forms Designer for Office365!), then you don't even need Cross-site Lookup product" - Do not understand this? Plumsail Forms for SharePoint online and Forms Designer for Office 365 aren't they same?

Dear @pkp,
No, these are different products with similar functionality, and similar enough name to be confused...

  1. Forms Designer - our older product, designed to work with SharePoint classic UI and it supports all the versions of SharePoint - both Online and On-Premises(2010/13/16/19).

  2. Plumsail Forms - our newer product, designed to work SharePoint Modern UI, and it supports only versions of SharePoint that come with Modern UI (Online and 2019, currently). It's a brand new application, similar in functionality to Forms Designer, but it's been built from the ground up to avoid the limitations of its predecessor. It has almost all the features of Forms Designer (apart from external list support), but it also comes with responsive mobile-friendly client-rendered forms, and many new features and controls.

You can find out which one you have by looking at the name and icon of the app: