Cross Site Lookup: Problem when rendering link in list view

Hello again,

I have a question referring to the cross-site lookup-control:

I built it up and eveything works fine exept the rendering of the field in list-view.

It looks like this (SNR2 is text-field):


Is there anything I can change?

Dear @UDRO,
That's how the data is stored, so that much is correct, but it should appear like a link, we're using SharePoint List View customizers to achieve this effect.

Please, check console for errors, and try to create a new field for storing lookup value.

Console shows no errors.

When I open the form the link appears.

In list-view ist is not shown. We use classic expierience. Could that be the reason for the field not to be renderes?

Dear @UDRO,
Oh yes, it wouldn't appear like a link in the classic view as it does not support field customizers. Unfortunately, not much we can do about it - the Forms can be used with classic UI and will even work properly, but the visual appearance, panel settings and more are dedicated to modern UI.