Cross Site Lookup Support

Looks as though Plumsail Forms will allow you to use Cross Site Lookup, and appears to function ok, we are using it to look up to a parent list at site collection level from a sub site.

I note that select ‘multiple items’ appears to work ok but I’m not able to add the ‘Add new’ button. Is this because modern Forms cannot render the control or is this by design?

Appreciate you have mentioned in the past that it is not supported, if this is the case is there anyway i can look ‘cross-site’ using the current Lookup control?

Kind regards

Hi Andy,

I’m sorry for the late reply.

You can enable adding new items capability in the lookup properties in the designer:

Here is how it looks in a form:

Ah we just weren’t seeing it in the control as you need to search first! Thank you for putting us right!