CSV Parse Header with spaces

Hi. I am using the Parse CSV workflow tool. The header file from our source CSV has spaces in the column names, so it looks like this:
First Name,Last Name,Date Of Birth

When I copy the header line into the header field, it will run fine but it outputs the following as header columns:
First, Name, Last, Name, Date, Of, Birth

So it seems to be taking the space as a delimiter even though comma is selected. Any way around this? I cannot change the format of the incoming CSV as it is from a 3rd party.

I was able to partially resolve this myself. I just manually removed the spaces in the area where you paste in the headers. Now my problem is that the parse is putting the column headers in as data in row 1 of the array.
How do I tell it that the first row is headers and to not include it in the array output?

Looking for fix to similar problem. Trying to parse a system-generated csv file that contains spaces in the header names. Feeding the Plumsail parsed results into SQL Server stored procedure. The data gets all jumbled up with data being inserted into wrong columns, or not being inserted at all. Using trial version of Plumsail. Glad I discovered this while in trial. I don't see any fix in forums.

Like stargay, we've confirmed that removing spaces from column names solves problem, but we're not able to change the formatting on the auto-generated csv files. Any ideas? Thanks

Hello @stargay and @ChrisAlaska,

Yes, I received the same result. We'll run some additional tests and fix the issue or suggest a possible workaround . Thanks for waiting.

Best regards,
Petr Bushuev
Plumsail team

Hi @Petr, thanks for looking into this!
Two other major issues I noticed:

  • There is no way to exclude the header row. It gets pulled in as a data row. Plumsail has to skip the first row or provide and option such as "my data has a header"

  • If there is a field with quotes, i.e. "", and the field includes a comma within the quotes, plumsail treats it as a column break. However, using quotes is the proper way to indicate that commas between quotes should be ignored in CSV formatting