Custom field not creating notification


Can it be possible for us to create a trigger that will notify agents on '' Also Assigned to'' by email. Currently, we have created trigger that's doing that for ''Assigned to''. The red box as shown on the diagram are the ones not working. can you help please.



Hello, @Ndy

  1. I would advise you to create just one custom column "AlsoAssignedTo" with a "Person or Group" data type and allow multiple values in it.

  2. Find an internal name of your column as it is described here.

  3. Go to the trigger. In the action, you should use a token for a custom field: {{Ticket.AlsoAssignedTo.Email}}
    The token means "go to 'Tickets' list, find 'AlsoAssignedTo' column; since it's lookup column, go to the source list and find value in 'Email' column."

That's all you need to send notifications to additional group of assignees.

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Hi, @e.evseychik

Thanks for your prompt response, I will try this solution and come back to you.