Custom Save buttons No Longer Working

I have tried to fix this and two other buttons, with no success. Plain text reformatting, as well as manually typing - still adding double quotes where single quotes are typed.

fd.spBeforeSave(function() {
fd.field('requestreview').value = 'SAVE - Come Back Later';



When I remove the; the error, I can save without closing, but it I keep the; in place, I get the longer error in the screenshot above, or this: "Cannot set property 'value' of undefined"


In button's Onclick you need to use return to save the form. Please find the updated code below.

fd.field('requestreview').value = 'SAVE - Come Back Later';


Thank you as always for your stellar help. You are appreciated.

I am still seeing the "Cannot set property 'value' of undefined" error. I am perplexed because this worked until recently (a few days ago), so I am trying to figure what conflicting field or code is causing the error.

Do you see any glaring issues with my settings/code?




I figured this out. I removed the field and replaced it. The custom save buttons are working now.

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