Data table code gives error

I have a data table in a form which has been working fine, then today, the line

var value = fd.control('SPDataTable1').widget.dataItems();

is causing an error:


The table usually appears where the red "SPError: Unknown Error" is.

Do you have any idea what might have caused this?

The line of code is in a calcTotal function which runs every couple of seconds.

I have the same issue after last night. On all Newforms i have(and I tried to create a fresh new one), the List and Library control stopped working with the same error. SPError: Unknown error. Seems on ListViewDataManager: LoadSchema.
Interestingly, the controls are still working on EditForms.
I've already contacted support

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Thanks Karol

Can you let me know what they say?

Ok, waiting for a reply from them

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Hello @karol, @njones,

The error is caused by the latest Microsoft updates. We will release a fix on Monday.

The control is working in Standard release.
We suggest switching your tenant to Standart release, so the tenant will receive the updates only after they are tested and validated.

Please find the instructions on how to switch the release option here.

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Hi @mnikitina,

We have targeted release only for a few people(6) and the rest is on Standard. I've just checked with few people who are not on targeted and they see the issue.
Is there any temporary solution or we have to suspend the application until Monday?

nvm, setting the whole tenant to standard (without targeted release) solved the issue for now. Thanks for suggestion

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