Data Table Validators

I’ve added a custom validator that ensures at least on entry to a data table. This works, however I have 3 columns in the table and once the user fills in the first column, they can tab out of the table and submit without completing the remaining two columns. I’ve tried adding column validation but this does not work. Is there a way to enable entries in all columns on the add new record action.

Dear @flowy,

I’m not sure I understand your issue clearly, I’m sorry. Could you please provide the screenshot?

So in my form I have a data table with 3 required columns.

I've successfully added a validator to ensure at least one entry is added to this table.

However, once a user populates the column they can tab out and not compete the remaining 2 columns and submit the form. I've tried adding a column validator but his does not work and ruins my previous validator.

"fd.control('DataTable').addColumnValidator('Level', {
error: 'Error message',
validate: function(value) {
if (value <= 0) {
this.error = 'You must select a Programme Level';
return false;
return true;

Is there a way to make the columns active so the user, even if they tab out, must input an entry.

Dear @flowy,

Thank you for your request, we are researching your issue.

Dear @flowy,

The bug was added to our bug tracking system, I’ll keep you up to date.

Thanks for your help!

Is there any update on this? Was it fixed?