Datatable Date changes to a random future date


What is your system language? If you are using Windows, please see this instruction.

Also, what is the default language in the Chrome browser?

@mnikitina ,

I am in New Zealand for reference.

System language is: English (United States)

Language in Chrome is: English

I tried adding English (New Zealand) to Chrome and selecting Display Google Chrome in this language for it. Which changed the date format in plumsail to New Zealands one like dd/mm/yyyy but didn't fix any of the errors.

I've removed English (New Zealand) language from Chrome again now.


Please record a short video demonstrating the bug. We are still not able to reproduc this.

Also, developers asks to disable all addons for chrome and try again in incognito mode.

@mnikitina ,

Disabling addons for Chrome and trying in incognito didn't work.

Here's the video link showing the bug as explained originally.!AoEpW15pOZxKmCnRLq_AhgEzoYXR?e=A70Mvm


Thank you for the video! It was helpful.

Developers found the root cause of the issue and will publish the fix on Tuesday.

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Hello @reubenb,

We've published a fix. Please clear the browser cache and test the form.

Please let me know how it goes.

Hi @mnikitina ,

Yup all the date fields seem to be working properly now!


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