DataTable for the child list in the main form is not refreshing on custom button with on click: sp.Save()

i created a custom submit/save button in the footer of a child/dialogue form in order to facilitate the save process, instead of rolling the form up and save.

On click i added:;

I cloned the error and validation notification using this article to show error on save and it worked perfectly:

The problem is when the end user click save/submit, the child/dialogue form close but the DataTable (child list data) in the main form/item is not refreshing and not showing the new record/Item unless the user refresh or reopen the item.
But it works perfectly if the user click the origin and main sharepoint save button on top.

kindly advise

Hello @gkhadra,

The related items refreshed no matter what button is used.

Please try to use return; in button's on click.

Also, how child items bound to the parent item? Do you have any filtration of the related items?

Do you have any errors in the console when saving the child item (F12)? Could you please share the screenshot.

Hello @mnikitina,

Thank you for your reply
i noticed that i have error in my form nothing else.
I fixed that error and the related items refreshed successfully.
Thank you

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