DataTable json convert to html for email

I have a form with a repeating table and that date is store in RTF in JSON format and I need to send this repeating table in an email.

How do I convert Json to HTML for the email
[{"Price":"55.00","Quantity":0,"Cost":"","Item":"Envelope 10 x 13 White - 500/Box"},{"Price":"55.00","Quantity":0,"Cost":"","Item":"Envelope 5¾ x 9½ Open End 24lb Natural Kraft FSC - 500/Box"},{"Item":"Envelope #10 Open Side 24lb White Window Artlined - 500/Box","Cost":"28.00","Quantity":1,"Price":"28.00"}]

should look like this

Dear @p0038911,
You should be able to use MS Power Automate, and its Data Operations - Parse JSON action. Add this action, select DataTable column (where it's saved to), and select Generate from sample option where you can insert value from the column to generate schema:

Then, these values will be parsed in an array, and will be useful in the flow. For example, here you can find how it can be used to create an HTML table which can then be inserted inside of an email - Data Table to PDF with HTML-template and Plumsail Documents — Public web forms