DataTable Observations

I observed the following while using the DataTable.

I created the table and used the default column names.
Then I found the Power Automate "Create HTML table" connector that takes a JSON array and turns it into an HTML column (very handy). I used that to convert my DataTables to HTML for emal.

The column names were generic so I renamed all the columns in the DataTables in the forms.

When I added a new row to the datatable, the new row had the new column names, the old rows still had the generic "Column1", "Column2", etc names.

Seems like it would be a good idea to overwrite the whole JSON for the datatable upon each save, so that all of the objects in the array have the "new" column names?

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Hello @smithme,

This is as designed. The existing records are not changing when the control settings are changed.

It is better to specify the final column's name when starting to use forms in production.